Green Beret

Green Beret

First impression/ Getting into character

Brewed to produce flavours of citrus, pine & tropical fruit. This India Pale Ale is then dry hopped for an explosion of hop aroma & flavour. 

Powerful and precise, Green Beret packs an arsenal of citrus and pine flavours with a skilfully controlled explosion of hoppy goodness. Mac’s Green Beret IPA is named after the assertive punch of the US hops, but like any good soldier it also knows the virtues of discipline and restraint. The result is a well-balanced IPA that has a complex and rewarding flavour profile.

A bit of history

This recruit is still a little on the green side, but with promise like this it’s sure to keep future award ceremonies under heavy fire.

Make it a meal

Well paired with the strong flavours of spicy and rich dishes. Try it with a well roasted duck or a spicy vindaloo.

Availability: 6-pack 330ml bottles, on tap Alcohol by volume 5.4%, IBU 47.0

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