Hop Rocker

Hop Rocker

First impression/ Getting into character

Hop Rocker is Mac’s own Pilsener, with a full complement of Cascade & Nelson Sauvin hops for well-rounded complexity. Bitter, but in a good way. 

If you like your pilsener to show a bit of hop, you've come to the right place – Hop Rocker is the flashy lead guitarist in our beer supergroup. While a modicum of classic malt helps to put body into Hop Rocker, that's hardly why it's so called. Smell those citrus aromas. Savour those bitter notes. All the result of Nelson Sauvin and New Zealand Cascade hops, adding a touch of botanical exoticism to your leisure activities.

A bit of history

Our Hop Rocker first took the stage at 2006, and in the years following has medalled extensively at NZ and Australian beer awards, including a 2008 Gold and 2013 Best Pilsener Trophy at the Australian International Beer Awards. We think its balance of hoppy bursts of flavour and refreshing drinkability is spot on, so when we made our brand new flavour scale, Hop Rocker anchored the midpoint between Quenching and Savouring.

Make it a meal

With its citrusy zing, Hop Rocker isn’t afraid of spice or bountiful tomatoey flavours. Its boastfully hoppy and cuts through spice like an axe through butter, making it just the thing for Indian samosas or Thai curries.

Availability: 6 pack 330ml bottles, 12 pack 330ml bottles, on tap Alcohol by volume 5.0%, IBU 31.0

Nutritional Information
Servings Per Pack: 1 Serving Size: 330ml
Avg. Quantity Per Serve Avg. Quantity Per 100mL
Energy (kilojules) 616 187
Calories 147 45
Protein 1.7g 0.5g
Fat, - Total less than 0.3 less than 0.1
- Saturated less than 0.3 less than 0.1
Carbohydrate 11.6g 3.5g
- Sugars 0.3g 0.1g
Sodium 9mg 3mg

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